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Peanut butter Granola Bars

Peanut butter Granola Bars

Made these beauties from our Cinnamon Pecan Granola. They are perfect for an afternoon snack or to refuel post workout. Easy and quick to make.


250g Fitlicious Cinnamon Pecan granola or any flavor that you fancy

100gm natural peanut butter

80ml maple syrup/honey

50ml coconut oil


Melt the coconut oil in a pan, add the maple syrup/honey and peanut butter and stir until it forms a mixture

Add to a mixing bowl along with the granola and combine thoroughly

Press the mixture with a spatula in to a baking tray and put in the fridge to cool.

Slice in to bars and enjoy! Yum 😋 These can even be stored in the freezer since it’s so hot.

Note: these bars need to be kept in the fridge.

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