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Get set Granola!

Get set Granola!

We have been asked this question a lot, “So what is the difference between your granola and regular supermarket cereals?” And our answer is always the same, “A hell lot!” So today we’ve decided to pen down the differences to forever banish this confusion once and for all.

Sugar Alert!

Most granola brands you see in stores are loaded with refined sugar such as High fructose corn syrup so even though all the other ingredients might appear healthy this hidden ingredient which is cheaper and sweeter than regular sugar, is found in most processed foods. It's not only completely processed, so your body doesn’t recognize it but also contains dangerous toxins that are really bad for your body.

Fitlicious granola on the other hand is Refined sugar-free so it's sweetened only with pure honey or pure maple syrup in moderate quantities or dried fruit such cranberries, raisins, barberries or cherries. Yum!


We make fresh batches weekly and supply them to our stockists regularly to give you the freshest start to your mornings. We don’t add any kind of preservatives to our granola and heat seal our packs. We also have a recommended best before date on our packaging.

Loaded with the good stuff

Containing Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Flaxseeds, Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and rolled oats means that the granola has numerous natural ingredients that your body loves and a low Glycemic Index – GI. High fibre content because of the oats helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

The good kind of ‘fats’

While most cereals market themselves as low carb but are loaded with fats which aren’t good for you, we get most of our fat content from the good stuff: nuts, seeds and cold pressed coconut oil which is prevents high cholesterol and blood pressure levels and strengthens your immune systems.

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